New Series Premieres [October 20 2012]

Over the past year the OkiNinjaKitty Channel has evolved. What was once a YouTube channel with no real focus but some videos of things I found fun and interesting has turned into a resource for those who are coming to Okinawa and those who have been here and want to get more out of the time that they have left.

As you may already be aware the OkiNinjaKitty channel has a regular schedule of videos to include Current Events on Mondays, JVLOGS on Wednesdays and Fan Mail Friday on Fridays. However, as the channel progresses and continues to grow the involvement from our viewers compels us to move forward.

In an effort to do a better job facilitating a great stay here in Okinawa the OkiNinjaKitty Channel is proud to announce that Thursday a new series of videos and blog posts will be going live. This series will help make Okinawa feel a bit more like “home” by bringing some attention to programs, organizations and groups around Okinawa. Each week we will feature a different organization, tell you about them and ensure you have all the information you need to get involved.

We at the OkiNinjaKitty Channel hope that this will help us continue to help you!

Keep an eye out at and and be the first to “thumbs up” the new series when it goes like!


Under The Weather [October 24 2012]

I never enjoy being sick but I will say one thing, I am glad that at very least I’m sick during the fall rather than in the middle of the summer. Being sick in the Okinawa summer is the worst.

So I’ve been down for the count since Sunday which means that I have been incredibly behind on OkiNinjaKitty and I apologize for that but unfortunately that’s what happens when life comes into play. Of course I could have pushed through in the true name of show biz but nope sorry I am just not feeling well and taking a day off.

Luckily I have been feeling better and I think that tomorrow I will have a normal day but we’ll see what happens. I am to be filming a video which is supposed to premier tomorrow so let’s so how that goes. I also have to do some other fun stuff like groceries. Either way I hope that I am feeling well tomorrow. Ok then it’s time for me to go.

Talk to you all tomorrow!