The Olympics [August 8 2012]

I am not really into the Olympics.

I realize that it is a world wide thing that I should be taking time to watch and realize how wonderful it is that during this event the entire world comes together to bla bla bla but it never really caught my eye. When I think back through my childhood I cannot remember a time when I had even watched the olympics to begin with. I remember football but never sitting down in front of the television to watch. Then again watching television was also not something that I spent much time doing considering that we only really watched football, Everybody Loves Raymond or something that would catch the attention of my younger sister. I suppose it is for this reason that I never “got” the Olympics and therefore am not into it now.

I should mention that I have tracked the olympics as far as whatever is on the web and easily accessible but there are a lot of things which are not streaming live here in Japan that you can see in other parts of the world. For example the US team competitions which broadcast on stations like NBC are not something that I can have streamed here due to copyright issues which leads me to my next opinion and although not Japan related I figured that I would take a moment and write a bit about it.

If the Olympics is a world wide event why are some people so picky about who it can be broadcasted to? You would think, for example, that there would be some site somewhere that anyone from anywhere could see the live footage from the event, however, I have yet to find that (and have yet to spend too much time looking because of my lack of interest. My husband is interested in it though although my thought is that if he wants to see it he can go and look for himself.

Well that’s basically all that I have to say on this topic. I realize that it is short and may conflict with the opinions that some of you out there have. I hope that this does not effect the way that you read my posts about Okinawa but I thought that it would be fun to add a little insight to me once in a while. Thanks for reading.


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